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I’m Jorge Barboza, a Graphic Designer from the charming town of San Marcos de Tarrazú in Costa Rica. I’m a dreamer at heart.

Throughout my journey as a Graphic Designer, my ultimate goal has always been to create top-notch visuals that help my clients strengthen their brands. I am dedicated to producing content that not only shines through its quality but also delivers true value to end-users, providing them with an engaging and enriching experience. However, I don’t merely execute designs; I’m also passionate about making them user-friendly and customer-centered.


In parallel, as a Audiovisual Producer, I dive into the thrilling world of visual and auditory creation. Through audiovisual production, I have the privilege of breathing life into ideas and telling compelling stories. From conceptualization to final editing, my objective is to capture the essence of each project and convey emotions through images and sounds. This allows me to offer my clients a comprehensive range of creative services, blending my expertise in graphic design with the magic of audiovisuals.

To achieve this, I’ve pushed the boundaries of traditional graphic design and the audiovisual realm, exploring various workflows, techniques, and trends. I’ve delved into the world of UX/UI design, not only in academia but also in practice. This approach has shaped me into a practical learner, quick to acquire new skills and cultivate those essential soft skills that set me apart.

But what truly sets me apart is my insatiable thirst for creativity. Once I master a method or a software, I don the hat of innovation and explore novel ways to apply it, often uncovering approaches that had not seen the light of day before. My approach is rooted in learning and adapting to different work styles and team dynamics, a skill that has helped me forge lasting relationships with those around me. This, in turn, opens up new opportunities, not just for me but also for those I collaborate with, creating a symbiotic and positive cycle.

Presently, I’m on the lookout for companies or brands ready to break free from the ordinary, those eager to rewrite the rules. Graphic design, marketing, and even audiovisual production have fueled my passion for interacting with people. I relish the opportunity to connect, share ideas, and simplify complex concepts to enhance the lives of others.


  • Universidad Creativa de Costa Rica
  • Bachelor’s in Graphic Design (ongoing)
  • Universidad Internacional de las Americas
  • Independent Course in Graphic Design
  • Academia Internacional Edutin
  • Diploma in Graphic Design
  • Academia Internacional Crehana
  • Courses: Web Page Creation, Branding from Scratch, Visual Identity, Design Fundamentals, After Effects, Brand Management, Scrum Master Project


In my free time, you’ll often find me embarking on new adventures, connecting with new people, and continuously deepening my expertise in this constantly evolving field. Staying informed is not just a daily routine; it’s a minute-by-minute dedication that I wholeheartedly embrace. Apart from enjoying quality time with my loved ones, I have a profound passion for sports, with soccer holding a special place in my heart since my childhood.

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Audiovisual Producer

My dedication to audiovisual production goes beyond mere technique; it’s a constant quest for the magic that brings a story to life on the screen. With each project, my goal is to capture the authenticity of your brand and convey it through images and sounds that resonate with your audience.

Imagine a video that not only tells a story but also lives it. From conceptualization to final editing, I immerse myself in each project with passion and boundless creativity. Every frame, every sound, every movement is carefully crafted to ensure that your message reaches your audience in a powerful and lasting way.


We have state-of-the-art equipment for the creation of high-quality material and content. Our cutting-edge resources ensure exceptional results in every project. Trust us to bring your ideas to life with top-notch graphic design.

Our clients

Café Don Cayito

«A coffee- producing brand that maintains its own micro-benefit. Located in the Santa María de Dota region»

Bubbly Tea Club

«A Costa Rican brand that trades the famous Bubble tea, which, by the way, has been very successful since San Rafael de Escazú.«

Tiendas el Parque

«Leading brand in the distribution of clothing, footwear, and accessories in Costa Rica, with significant achievements in the industry.»

For each of the brands I work with, we provide campaigns tailored to their target audience and their mission of outreach.